Friday, February 11, 2011

Birth and Growth

Today is a very important day for me...  My daughter was born eight years ago today, and that gets me thinking about the dynamics of life, and how it shapes people, and who they will become.

My daughter Sofia was born a healthy, happy, gorgeous baby, who was breached and almost pre-term.  My pregnancy was not perfect, but I consider myself lucky and blessed to have been able to do all I needed to do to give her the best odds at having no complications.  I was successful at this, and I am humbled to have received such great gift!

As I see her now, eight years old, smart, happy and completely unaware of so many things yet to come, I wonder what I can do to make her transition into a young adult one that will have a strong sense of hope, and excitement at the prospect of the contribution she will make to the world.  I see her and remember how small she was just "yesterday" and how she learned, and grew into this very familiar and yet very new person I see in her every day.  I can recognize the experiences I have provided to her life and the ones that have been absorbed from the environment, the media, and her social groups and I wonder, with a little bit of worry, who will she be when she grows up?

I wonder if she will be strong, courageous, independent, happy?  I wonder if she will love herself as we love her now...  I certainly hope so.

I am blessed to have a daughter that communicates with me all the time, about small and "big" things too.  I am blessed to have been taught to listen patiently, carefully, and with respect for the individual she already is.  And although this has not really made her exempt from difficult situations, it has certainly helped her stepped up to them, solve them, or at least address them, evaluate them and understand them, even if she does not always agree.

Sofia has a strong, amiable character. She was born sweet, raised strong, and grown a balanced mix of the two, easily approachable, not easily tainted...  Quick to smile, but not to trust...  She evaluates everything before she engages, and stands her ground any time without allowing conflict to take over.  But the truth is, she is just a little girl.

Like so many other children, 8 or 20, she seems strong, and independent, but life has not really taught her enough to be able to respond to every situation on her own, and like so many parents, we have to make a conscious effort not to forget this, and to let her know it is ok to seek help, advice, and support.

I celebrate Sofia today by celebrating all the children in the world to are born and growing with innate hope for the beauty and delight of tomorrow, and for the many parents who work hard to be the mentor all children need!

 May Love and Strength fill your heart every day!

 Happy birthday my Sofia! Mom loves you and is here for you today and always!



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