Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Yes! This is AWESOME! 
It is awesome to start a company, help others, to do what you love...  But what is even more amazing is to absolutely love what you do, love who you are, and love your life... 

That was not always the case for me, and it certainly is not the case for many young people out there, who struggle on a daily basis to even like who they are.  Be it due to outside influences, or the loud inner voice that talks to them to put them down, many children, young adults, and even fully grown adults are not happy with who they are. Some hate the image in the mirror, some hate the sound of their own voice, some would love to love themselves, but they feel too much pain.  Some even give up on themselves, on their dreams, and on their future, and they go through a path that is dark, lonely, and completely destructive.  That path exists in their choices, and in their thoughts, and anything that exists in there is as real as the blood running through their veins... 

That's why we started this: Strength Ave.

A year ago my 7 year-old daughter asked me what "suicide" was.  I was shocked!  I asked where she had heard that and she explained I had talked about it with a friend while telling a story about a boy in high school.  [Now, you may think I was being careless talking about these topics with her around, but it is not the case...  She has ears in every wall in our house!]  I have a personal policy not to lie to my kids so, shifting the tone to a more appropriate one for a 7 year-old, I explained how depression caused by bullying had led him to desperation beyond any measure and had pushed him over many limits, causing him to make the wrong decision to end his life.

I was devastated by her face.  I felt as if she had just woke up in a different world, and she probably did.  This knowledge had given her a new perspective about how life really is for other people, and how incredibly sad it can be.  And then... My 7 year old founded Strength Avenue with the words: "We have got to do something about it!"  So we did.

I went to work on the Strength Avenue project as if it had already taken over the world! 
She loved the name [Check!],
She loved the logo [Check-Check!],
And the most important thing... She LOVED our Purpose [A perfect smile!!!]

I explained that because we wanted to make sure we did things right, we actually had to do 2 things, so our mission and our purpose became:
1)  To gain victory against hate, discrimination, and violence in the world, (and)
2)  To instill love, self esteem, and inner strength in the hearts of all people.

That was just the start, back in February 2010.  We are standing here, February 2011, celebrating many beginnings and remembering many ends to continue to pursue this dream of a little girl and her mom, who want a better world for all and just "Have got to do something about it!"

She gave me her latest design with the words "My Soul is Strong!"

I just have nothing more to say as to why, THIS IS AWESOME!!!

May Love and Strength fill your heart every day, and may you find our products the tools they are meant to be to see yourself finally walking through Strength Avenue!


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  1. That was so great to read! How sad that kids have to grow up and find out how cruel the world is and how sad it can be. Don't you just wish they could stay innocent until you're ready or you're holding their hand when it's time to let them hear the truth?
    It never happens that way though does it?

    I'm excited to read more from you!