Sunday, February 20, 2011

To Save a Life Today

Well...  here is how we are summarizing our mission: To Save a Life Today.

It really explains what we are trying to do in a very short sentence. 

We know that many children, young adults, and even adults we know are struggling with all kinds of difficulties in their lives:  depression, terminal illnesses, bullying, stress, suicidal thoughts...  And most of these things, no matter their source, can be alleviated if we shifted our perspective and make the person suffering feel loved, appreciated, and important.

Perspective is everything in fighting any and all pains.  It is the one thing that can bring light back into our thoughts, because a new perspective can change the course of action we take towards anything.  ANYTHING!

The right perspective is not a single option amongst the milliard of them that can be chosen to address an issue, it is simply the one that made you survive, made you conquer, made you come out of your problem successfully...  It is not black or white, it is any shade of gray that works for you to go through the worst situation successfully.

Are you or someone you know being harassed? Is bullying an everyday thing at your school?  Are you depressed beyond any measure of hope?  Are you suffering from the loss of someone close?  Do you want to end your suffering by ending your life?  Well.. CHANGE YOUR PERSPECTIVE!

Look at your problem from a different angle:  Have you got resources available to you to stop the harassment?  Have you reported your situation to your closed ones?  Have you forgotten how many people are in worse situations than you in the world?  Do you believe that what doesn't break you only makes you stronger???  We DO!  And most of all, WE BELIEVE YOU CAN TOO!

We strongly believe in you, and in everyone's inner strength, and we believe that with the right perspective, and the right tools, everyone can find their inner strength and live a happier life.  That is why we created Strength Avenue, and the products in it: to help you shift your perspective about your issues and to help you believe in yourself, so that you can overcome any obstacle, and any pain.

We are convinced that if our products, and the messages they promote can save just one life today, our mission has been accomplished!  Because every life is worth saving, and living!  We are committed to saving one life every day, that is 365 lives each year...  We think we should be able to make that contribution to this world, and to its people!  We would certainly feel moved by such an accomplishment because in a world where the numbers are reported in terms of "deaths per minute",  considering "lives per year" is just uplifting and inspiring.

We will be launching our company in July 2011 and making our products available to the public.  Our messages will look towards saving one life each day by reminding everyone that they are loved and that they are an important part of the world with a unique contribution to make.  No matter what issues we may face, we all have the strength to overcome them and to thrive as individuals.  We want to remind everyone that the life of their dreams is within their reach, and it is a product of their perspective towards life's many issues.

May Love and Strength fill your heart every day, and may you be committed to Save a Life Today!


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