Monday, May 23, 2011

Finding the way...

Well...  I guess its true that nothing worth pursuing was ever easy!

Our cause remains active and strong, but our means are not necessarily all there yet.  I guess it takes time to find the way, even with a map in your hands.

I find it very hard to sleep these days, and I discovered that it had more to do with my lack of productivity than with the excess thereof.  I am working full-time and had felt that the job I am holding mostly to fund this company was consuming me and making me feel exhausted, but as it turns out, that initial exhaustion was nothing compared to the emptiness I felt when I did not work towards achieving the goals of my company.

So, I have decided to re-claim my life, as I wanted, and as I have planned it!  I guess I just had to remind myself why am I working at this other job in the first place.  I did not find my calling in life to see it die in the hands of a system that makes you "live to work"...  I want to really WORK TO LIVE!  And I want to live a fuller more meaningful life, just like I want to spread this better life to others through Strength Ave.

It is very easy to get consumed by the many to-do's of the day, the many appointments, and paperwork, and the phone calls, and the misunderstandings... And it is even easier to feel sorry for one's self...  Dwelling on self pity to justify the many ways in which a day does not go right.  Well...  I got me my very own Bully, so I cooked myself my very own, home-made piece of Inner Strength covered in Self Love, and Self Respect with some Perspective sprinkled on top... And I have to say, my Inner Strength Delight is a HIT!

So bring it on "you" and "all of you too"!  I found my way and will find it again any time I need to through the realization that life is not better or worse depending on other's views of your daily accomplishments, or your abilities... I remembered that life is always beautiful and full if you are able to find a way to walk through any situation with the same dignity with which you entered it.

Finding your way is not easy, but it is certainly worth trying over and over again until you feel it deep inside you.  Your way is your guide, your inner voice, and your companion.  You way is the you that knows better that anything, the instinct that guides you to the right places at the right times.  Your way is made from you and by you, and nothing and nobody can take it away...  Only you can.

So find your way!  Do whatever it takes to find your own answers, to pave your own roads, and to arrive at your very own destinations!  It is rewarding, fulfilling and charged with truth about who you are.

Best of luck and may love and strength fill your heart very day, no matter what!


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